The Sensual


A flick of your tongue and a smile on your lips.

Deep inside me is a lust for life and a hunger for all the pleasures that this strange and beautiful world has to offer. Open-minded, I delight in different ideas and nothing stimulates me like deep conversations. My wild soul is tempered by my soft heart for as strange and beautiful as it is, the world is a savage place and it is the warmth of others that carry us through cold nights. 

All these contradictions nest inside a pretty package. My elegant features speaks of my Eastern heritage but my charm is all Canadian. I am a playful, brazen and eager to please. My smooth skin and supple body will leave you exhilarated, intoxicated and wanting more.

Come share a moment of your life with me. Let us discover all the potential our connection can take us. Take a breath, have a drink and step into this space where only us and our bodies exist.

The Physical

5 foot 4

120 pounds

Mid twenties


Smooth, bare skin

 Fit, petite frame

Long black hair, streaked silver

A few playful piercings

A couple colourful tattoos 

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